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Why choose Hawk Financial
Group to help guide your retirement?

As a local independent financial advisor in Branchburg, NJ, Keith Hawk has a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of his clients. He works with homeowners ages 60-70 mainly in Hunterdon County NJ and Somerset County NJ. His clients' retirement years are secured by addressing and fixing overlooked financial and non-financial "snags" before they happen.

Three of these overlooked "snags" include:

1) A program to make sure a wife doesn't lose 1/2 their Social Security income when their husband passes away.

2) A program to cover two years worth of long-term care costs without paying a cent in annual premiums.

3) Making sure that your Power of Attorney document has the correct language to work with Social Security, Medicare, IRS, Veterans Administration, and your banks and brokerages.

"As a fee based investment adviser, I have a fiduciary duty to put my client's best interest first. I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and to show you how I do things differently."

- Keith Hawk, Owner

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Social Security Maximization

There are many options when dealing with Social Security. The decisions you make can greatly affect the amount of your Social Security benefit. We can help with strategies to maximize your Social Security.

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Retirement Income Planning

Retirement income planning is crucial for people in or nearing retirement. We can help you get a guaranteed retirement income paycheck.

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Investment Advisory Services

We provide guidance to help you reach your financial goals through a personalized plan.

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